Concealed sash

Aluminum casement with both frame and sashes with 35 mm Thermal break.
Designed for both Euro-groove and U-PVC fittings and accessories, this system is provided with concealed sash too, totally hidden by fixed frame on external side.
This allow installation of casement completely hidden by wall structure when watching from external side. Dedicated drainage paths in wall are needed to hide metallic frame into wall.

For two sashes standard solution, side width is 76 and 83 mm, and central from 100 to 108, respectively with Euro-groove and U-PVC and 72 mm (side width) and 86 mm (central width) for concealed sash solution.

Low threshold is designed both for standard and concealed solution for single and two sashes.

Air permeability certification and classification under EN 1026:2016 + EN 12207:2017 for single concealed sash: Class 4 (air), Class 5 (wind).

Water permeability certification and classification under EN 1027:2016 + EN 12208:2000 for single concealed sash: E1500

Side section thermal performance Uf=1,3-1,4 W/m2K