Aluminum thermal break casement with high insulation performances.
Thermal break is done by a single hollowed profile 50 mm depth.
Locking of aluminum profiles is done by a patented solution, specifically designed to respect international standards in material recycling.
Separation of plastic from aluminum in waste profiles can be easily done manually.
With the same thermal break is possible to assemble both Euro, R and U-PVC groove mechanisms.
All typologies of windows have been studied and all of them are always using the same thermal break profile.

Air permeability certification and classification under EN 1026:2016 + EN 12207:2017 for single concealed sash: Class 4 (air), Class 4 (wind).

Water permeability certification and classification under EN 1027:2016 + EN 12208:2000 for single concealed sash: E1500

Side section thermal performance Uf=1,2 W/m2K, window thermal performance Uw=1,0 W/m2K